It comes to want to read this book with the coming of every summer.

Meeting was my brother's bookshelf.

Probably when I was 12 years old.
This age is very special for me.I decided to be Artist then.

I've been read this in every summer since those days.
It became tattered quickly because I read too much,so I bought it over and over again accordingly.

Haruki Murakami's first work is this "Hear the wind sing".
This story bigins on August 8th 1970,and ends on August 26 of same year.
Just 18 days.

This story reminds me about my hometown.
And It makes me feel strangely calm after I read it.

I got English version this year,so I'll enjoy it this summer.




Nowdays I took part in many partys every weekend.
Goodbye party,
Jazz party,
Home party,
Karaoke party,
Crazy party,
BBQ party......
So many kind of.

To have party is allen customos to Japanese.
If I go to a party in Japan,it's mean to go to club or bar.

But I like dancing and music,I like party!!!!
By the way,why I can't find Hip Hop party in NY?
It's very difficult.
Because almost artists like Erectronic music.



My favorite.

When I was an art school student,I belonged in workshop of the Art of Buddha.
I went to Nara and Kyoto as a part of this class to see sculptures and artworks.

I have a lot of favorite arts,but I love this one very much!!!!

^This sculptures are 12 Shinsyo at Shin-Yakushiji in Nara.
12 Shinsyo guard a boshisattva,it's like a geniuses.(I don't know how to explain)

^This "BASARA" is made in 700's.Very old.
My favorite one!!!

The style of this is very ferocious and selemn.

I recomend early morning if you go to this temple.
There are very quiet and you may feel clear air.

And this temple also has very nice Japanese garden.

Tourists don't go Nara so much like Kyoto,You may relax and feel origin of Japan!



Independence Day!

My first experience of Independence Day was unforgettable.
It was rainy,but I could spend waiting time with chat.And excited.