bar Chelsea Hotel in Tokyo

Hotel Chelsea is an unforgettable place to me. However I've never stayed there.

I had been working for 2 years at the bar in Nishiazabu since I was student.

 The name was "bar Chelsea Hotel".
The owner hankers "Hotel Chelsea"in NY,and so she named like that.

There was soooooooooooo crazy bar!

Drank,blows,mistakes,meeting many crazy people.... Everyday looked like party.

I met many interesting people, if I just hung out with friend I might never met them.

Almost my experience was born in there.

And I got many memory and sentiment from there.

But last weekend, "bar Chelsea hotel" had closed.

I regret why I couldn't witness...I miss them Nishiazabu crazy people and bar.

Somehow "bar Chelsea Hotel" is gonna be legendary bar all the time. I'm sure.

I held some own exhibition there.

I got many response from there.

Some of them was I've never want to hear.

But anyway I accepted them. With a lot of conflict.

If without "bar Chelsea Hotel",I didn't stay New York.

Good music,Good friends,Good drink, Good experience.

It's Chelsea hotel for me.

finally I wanna say Thank you! to my lovely owner Fumi-san and a lot of my customer!!

↓This is "original"Chelsea Hotel in New York.


Happy birthday!!

Today, I went to my friend's birthday party.
There were 2 birthday people.

I gave them my original birthday card.

This picture is "Cherry Blossom".

And this picture is a landscape from Staten Island ferry.



I hope they like my card..




The end of January,I went to Boston with Hyun-Ah.

Hyun-Ah didn't have Boston's information,And I also.
Our trip was haphazard.

She is as if my younger sister,She always frolicked with snow.
She's totally innocent.

Museum of Fine Arts,Boston!!

It's gonna be one of my favorite museum in the world!

New England Aquarium!!!!

We bored to do sightseeing

and found the name of "Wonderland"station on map.
And it intrigued how place there're.

The blue train's atmosphere was nice, 

We vaguely didn't talk anything and we were just idly looking out of the window.



There're sea!!

There're too cold,
so we couldn't stay there so much as 10 minutes,
but the beauty of contrast to sky and sea was
too wonderful for words.

C U! Boston!!
We'll come back!(but except winter)






それと久しぶりにLost In Translationを見て、泣いた。



I'm an analogue people, That's why to make blog is unsuitable...but.

I awaked from a bad dream at 3:oo P.M.
My Sunday was gone while drank some beers.

I watched "Lost In Translation"on DVD after a long separation.
And I cried little.

I know I have a lot of thing to do and Actually I'm busy.
But I don't want do everything. Because Spring has come and Cherry blossom in NY.



Amityって名前はGraffiti Writerの友達がつけてくれた。



My nickname "Amity" was named by my friend who is Graffiti Writer.
When I was art school student,I used to have many Writer and DJ friends.
Everyone had a strange nickname,So I envyed them.
And one of my friend(his name was "FLASH")named me.

My name is YUKO→YUUKOU→AMITY(It's mean YUUKOU in JPN)

Nobody call me Amity these days but I like this name fairly.