Funky man.

One of my favorite writer is "Hiroshi Morinaga".

I met him when I was bartender.
He was always natural,and mysterious.

One day,He told to me about his bygone and recent things.
My impression was "He is crazy and cool".
I don't know what he thinks but I can feel his world from his nobel too.

My favorite his book is "Island trip note".
I had had this before I had met him.
In his word,"What a beautiful sky".
I felt same thing when I saw sea in my hometown.
I imagined he is angelic. That's right!

And he made "DOKURO(Skull) Magazine".
It's soooooooooooo cool!

I'm not sure he remember me,even so I really admire him.

All of Japanese,You should read his book!!
And go to trip!