Experiment 2.

I had met him at my friend's farewell party.
He is Italian,nice guy,looked different from everything...

How can I say... I got strange impression from him. And I asked him to paint his face.
We had a conversation few minutes,and I think he left from that party.
Unfortunately I forgot his name,and he wasn't my friend's friend.
It's mean there are no connection between him and me. If I look for him very hard,I might find but I don't wanna do it now. I have only one photo of him. That's it. I know about him only few things.. I don't know he still stays NY or went to Milano. I don't care somehow.

Don't u think it's funny the fact "A painter paint and strain a stranger guy"????

It was first experience to be attracted by people as a model.
Anyway I'm still painting him and thinking about him.

In this painting,I used only painting knife as much I can.

I'll write this story in Japanese later...
My experiment hasn't finished still now.