The end of January,I went to Boston with Hyun-Ah.

Hyun-Ah didn't have Boston's information,And I also.
Our trip was haphazard.

She is as if my younger sister,She always frolicked with snow.
She's totally innocent.

Museum of Fine Arts,Boston!!

It's gonna be one of my favorite museum in the world!

New England Aquarium!!!!

We bored to do sightseeing

and found the name of "Wonderland"station on map.
And it intrigued how place there're.

The blue train's atmosphere was nice, 

We vaguely didn't talk anything and we were just idly looking out of the window.



There're sea!!

There're too cold,
so we couldn't stay there so much as 10 minutes,
but the beauty of contrast to sky and sea was
too wonderful for words.

C U! Boston!!
We'll come back!(but except winter)